"Atechem" llc engineering design company was founded in 2002 by a group of experienced engineers previously employed at the “Design Bureau Kędzierzyn" llc. (BPK Sp. z o o), which started in 1952 until its closure in the end 2002 provided design services to the "Kedzierzyn" S.A. (ZAK S.A) Nitrogen Works. In 2007, "Atechem" became a part of the INTROL capital group.

“Atechem” made an early mark on the chemical and petrochemical industries, having enlisted as clients in its first year of operation some of the industries’ largest companies:

  • PCC Rokita SA,
  • Petrochemia-Blachownia SA,
  • ICSO Chemical Production Ltd.

Since “Atechem’s” establishment, we have continued a fruitful cooperation with the Azoty Group – Nitrogen Works “Kedzierzyn” S.A., based on the common experiences gathered in projects implemented under “Design Bureau Kędzierzyn" Ltd.

After several years of operation, Atechem strengthened its position in the market for widely defined chemical and process engineering, and found favour with its customers.

Our team of experienced and professional engineers represents all relevant engineering trades: process, mechanical, civil, construction, electrical, as well as instrumentation and control. This allows for efficient implementation of complex, cross-industry projects and for quick response to the evolving needs of our clients.

For particularly specialized topics, we successfully cooperate with an external group of trusted experts.

Our strengths:

Experienced team of engineers

High quality of created documentation

Timely delivery of assigned tasks

Experience with the latest computer – aided techniques

Effective cooperation with the Investor

Ability to implement the client’s or equipment vendor’s/ manufacturer’s standards and solutions in our design process

Ability to efficiently implement cross-industry projects requiring close cooperation between different engineering sectors